Aneurisma , we listen to everything … not only rock music

Aneurisma , we listen to everything … not only rock music

Aneurisma are a Grunge/Alternative-Rockband came into begin in Pescara in 2011 when Antonio Orlando (vocals and guitar) and Luca Degl’innocenti (bass and backing vocals) decide to create a band.
They join its final line-up with the drummer Ettore Saluci, that define an hard, aggressive and psychedelic sound. After released their first EP, they play on many italian festival and club stages, receiving positive reviews. In 2016 they share the “Bussi Rock Festival” stage with IWolf , a band that participated in The Voice of Italy talent show. In 2017 they participate in a competition named “Brano Inedito” by playing in a famous Roman club: “Locanda Blues”. This competition was watched online by over 10.000 people.
In 2018 the band starts a collaboration with the association #nonsiamosoli that includes their single in the compilation “Non siamo soli Vol.1”.
In the same year the group performed on the stage of the Independent Festival in Pescara, sharing the event with some of the most important groups of the italian underground scene.
In 2019 Aneurisma decide to works hard for the production on the new album.
2020 is an important year for the band, in May they releases their first single “Never Say” with a national preview of the video on SpazioRock Magazine. In October they releases the preview of the second single with the videoclip “Insanity” on RockonItalia.
In May 2021 the band releases the latest single “Come Undone” in collaboration with the american band Rotten Apple. All singles are included in the debut album “Inside My Rage”, released in June 2021.

UpTheVolume – Tell us about your latest release
Aneurisma –
“Inside My rage” is our first album released in 2021 for “Ghost Label Record”. Some of these songs go pretty far back, maybe 5 years ago. Over the years we’d go into the studio and put some basic ideas down and then move on to something else. . It’s really beautiful to see how these songs developed over such a long timespan. This is a very special record in a lot of ways. We’re really proud of what we have accomplished and We think the songs sound great

UpTheVolume – How did the idea for the cover come about?
Aneurisma –
The graphics on our CD are very simple. We thank our graphic designer Marianna Cappoli for having given colors, letters and images to the entire album. The cover is a set of x-rays of the same skull. Each skull represent a kind of rage to be fought in one’s head. The name of the album “Inside My Rage” was chosen for this reason

UpTheVolume – What is your favorite song and why?
Aneurisma –
For us all songs our favorites … it’s really hard to make a choice
Each song has something of us … it’s the same affection that feels between parents and children.

UpTheVolume – Which bands influenced your style?
Aneurisma –
A lot of our influence comes from 90’s Rock scenes (Grunge, Alternative rock)… but we listen to everything … we don’t listen only rock music …for example electronic music is also part of our influence.

UpTheVolume – Which has been your best live till now ?
– We think that the last concert in Rome was one of the best we played

UpTheVolume – Which musician, would you like to put as a featuring ?
Aneurisma –
Definitely Steven Wilson. He’s such amazing musician