Darkpools , metalcore from Italy

Darkpools , metalcore from Italy

Darkpools are an italian metal band born in 2016 in Trieste in the north east of Italy. The band took its name directly from economy, the term darkpools identifies the huge unregular market where most of the irregular exchanges occur with no vigilance. In this darkpools finance rules global politic and economy following only the profit’s rule.
Andrea Dean (vocals), Davide Purinani (guitar) and Angelo Rusalem (guitar) are the founders of the band. They previously played together in another band and started Darkpools in order to create a more contemporary sounded project. From the very beginning Michael Bonanno (drums) and Giuliano Corbatto (bass) joined the band. After a few years Giuliano left the band for family needs and Davide Giorgi joined the band.
Darkpools’ main focus is to search for musical impact, with low register and emphatising riffs and tempo shiftings. In their upcoming album, thanks to Davide Giorgi’s backing vocals, the sound evolved leading to more melodical moments.
The main musical references of the Darkpools’ sound are: the late Carcass, Raised Fist and the ’90 hardcore for Andrea’s vocal style, ’90 thrash like Machine Head and the nu metal groove.
The band played mostly in the north east of Italy and a bunch of times in Croatia while recording their first studio demo. Registered in Trieste and produced and mixed by Lorenzo Gavinelli in the Zero Point Energy studio in New York. The demo was published in 2018.
With Davide Giorgi on bass and vocals the band started to write new songs and they recorded the upcoming album, released in autumn 2021 that will be mixed and produced again by Lorenzo Gavinelli in New York

UpTheVolume – Tell us about your latest release
Darkpools –
We started to write the song for “Gore” before the pandemic. then everything stopped and we have to manage to record it between lockdowns. It has been published at the end of 2021 by Ghost Records and has been mixed and mastered by Zero Point Studio by Lorenzo Gavinelli in New York while the vocals have been recoreded at Ater Recording Studiio by Samuel Simonovich in Trieste. The main concept of the album, as the meaning of the band’s name suggests and following the trail of their previous demo is a furious scream in the face at this finance driven society, where money and few riches are ruling over all. But despite this critic and negative approach to the contemporary society, there is still room for hope. If people open their eyes, change their lives and world’s future.
But to achieve this we have to act as one.

UpTheVolume – How did the idea for the cover come about?
Darkpools –
The idea of the album’s cover showed up when we thinking about skeletons and men in suits. first we thought about a skeleton dressed in suit with a business bag. then Davide Giorgi came out saying “hey, i just had to do xrays on my hand” and so we tryed to improve the image with colors and overlays. the final result it’s stunnign and reflects what the album is about. what lies under the surface

UpTheVolume – What is your favorite song and why?
Darkpools –
When we had to decide our first single we discussed a lot abut what song to choose. we choose “Gore”, it’s the song that we all agrred was the best business card for the band. But I personally love “Crust” I really enjoy singing the chorus of that song. We made the lyric video of the song. check it out!

UpTheVolume – Which bands influenced your style?
Darkpools –
We are quite different in musical backgrounds and tastes. I’ll make a few names of the bands we are always listening to or speaking of in our rehersal room. Snapcase, Raised Fist, Slayer, Carcass, Machine Head, Korn, Bring me the Horizon, Architects, Anthrax, and many others

UpTheVolume – Which cover would you like to include in your next release ?
Darkpools –
We usually don’t do cover. even in live sets. we made a few of them in the past, but it’s hard to choose and also to make a version that represents both you and the band who originally wrote the song.
If I have to choose for shure I would choose a non-metal song. and then make it sound like a darkpools’ song. maybe a song from the Cure. i love them

UpTheVolume – How do you consider the Metal scene in your country?
Darkpools –
There are a lot of very good bands in Italy. unfortunately there are not many places to play live and the youngsters in Italy don’t like that much to go to see original music played live. that keeps the italian scene fragmentated and very hard for the bands to be renown.

UpTheVolume – Which musician, would you like to put as a featuring ?
Darkpools –
Well, because we jsut spoke about italian scene, I’m going with Fleshgod Apocalypse. The are such amazing musicians