Pleasant discovery of Pandemonium Carnival with their album Pandemonium Carnival II. A pure and simple declaration of passion towards the classic but always in vogue Punk Rock with a touch of image that brings it back to the Horror style.

The boys prepare a direct work, dry but with strong/bright colours. They don’t stop, they go around and around, varying in the little world they have chosen to undertake, leaving well-marked footprints during the short duration of everything (a sliver inside a beautiful sunny day), a short duration that “does good”, one that stops when must without ever exceeding, leaving in the mouth the right taste of curiosity and knowing how the matter will end.

Pandemonium Carnival leave a scratchy imprint, which gives a nineties scenario, to turn the clock back to years where the various Joey Ramone, Glenn Danzig, Michale Graves, Dave Gahan, Ian Curtis and Peter Murphy filled our dull days until exhaustion.

Pandemonium Carnival have impressed their desire for music very well on the album, looking for who knows what will prevent you from fully enjoying the value of this Italian band, an album that absolutely doesn’t make you see its weak points and this – at least for me – it is a very clear sign of value.

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