Sublinme Tragedie is the project of a flamboyant dandy, Garbo Dastorg and the Monegasque guitar prodigy, Nicky Dee. Both, professional musicians with solid experience in show business (around twenty albums between them, available on social networks). Garbo Dastorg ex-EMI artist and Nicky Dee, composer and producer of a rock opera and currently guest solo guitarist in the Prince’s Carabineers Orchestra. Sublinme Tragedie intends to fly the colors of the Principality high by playing their rock tinged with blues on the international stage.

Body and sound depth that blend perfectly with a good dose of fluidity and an intense sound impact are the main details that make listening pleasant. The guitars mix well with a voice that roughens the atmosphere thus enhancing the listening. It is not the usual trivial proposal, not even obvious, although the genre is now full of more or less valid proposals (and we can certainly put this among the valid ones).

“Bitch” amazes positively for simplicity and naturalness managing to involve and drag the listener towards dimensions made of intense and positive vibrations.

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