Album that already consecrates this Italian band as one of the best in the modern hard rock scene! We are only talking about their second album, but the quantity of excellent songs proposed in this “Higher” is impressive. We believe that their trump card lies in offering songs that best combine power, anger, but also melancholy and introspection.

The singer Mauro Pala is a master of versatility in this and has no limits in expressing himself on various tones, from the most angry to the most intimate ones. But compliments also go to Pier Paolo Cianca and Gabriele Sorrentino, who with their inspired guitars give various colors and always new ideas to the various songs. This is therefore a band to be seriously considered, which will surely satisfy all grunge lovers but also the more recent hard rock. It’s also an album that could please the broader-minded metalheads, those who loved bands like Stone Temple Pilots, Alice In Chains, Nirvana and Soundgarden in the 90s.

Certain guitar riffs and a very contemporary production enter the term “metal” by right and therefore we expect a lot of praise for this album from a diverse audience. Compliments!

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