Emiliano Tessitore – “Live In Rome”

Emiliano Tessitore – “Live In Rome”

Emiliano Tessitore is the classic musician who does not like to be categorized in a single genre and is the classic example of how experiences manage to create something that is not at all trivial and obvious.

A musician with a capital M basically metal, who likes to include other types of influences, rock in primis. What is certain is that there are no dull moments in his new recording titled, “Live In Rome”.

Emiliano, plays a timeless genre, whose exponents are willing to listen and fully enjoy these nineteen minutes of music. Emiliano’s style tends to feed on an alternative metal, refined and refined with more extreme solutions, and this makes everything very pleasant to listen to and not stereotyped.

The songs all have their own reason and slip away energetic and played as God commands. In my opinion this is enough to promote a record like “Live In Rome”.

But the best thing about this album is that while it doesn’t invent anything new (or at least not from scratch), it makes you want, once finished, to be listened to again, and this is surely the sign that Emiliano has a lot to say and who manages to establish a certain alchemy with the listeners.